Library Outreach

Engineers Week – February 18-24, 2024

Engineers Week book displays at local libraries promote STEM careers for both girls and boys by displaying STEM focused books with posters and bookmarks. This occurs yearly during Engineers Week in February throughout Rhode Island and Connecticut.

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During Engineers week (the week of February 18th), we invite you to see how engineers play a vital role in innovating solutions to global challenges that impact future generations. The DiscoverE organization offers lots of information and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities related to various engineering disciplines. The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) also offers STEM related activities and encourages you to join or start your own engineering club. Don’t forget to explore your local library for books and e-books about engineering topics like bridges, famous scientists like Marie Curie, and famous engineers like George Washington! What!? Yes, he was a surveyor and engineer. Below are links and titles to get you started. Happy Engineers Week!


STEM Activities:

Ideas for educators and parents!


Click the links below to access additional materials:


  • The Way Things Work Now by David Macauley
  • Sally Ride and the Shuttle Missions by Andrew Langley
  • Neo Leo: The Ageless Ideas of Leonardo Da Vinci by Gene Barretta
  • Engineering for Every Kid by Janice VanCleave
  • Bridges and Tunnels by Jenn Vaughn
  • Robotics by Kathy Ceceri
  • The Mars Challenge by Allison Wilgus and Wyeth Yates